Sakaya Hanjiro is a small guesthouse with 3 rooms for up to 12 people. It is renovated a 200-year-old private house that still retains the style of commoner's house living in the mountains of Oku-Yoshino Tenkawa on a south-facing slope overlooking the mountain village. Close to Tenkawa Shrine one of the three major Benzaitens in Japan, and Ten-no-kawa Onnsen, so you can spend time while experiencing Tenkawa Village.


This guesthouse is said to have built about 200 years ago, and it retains the style of a ordinary people those who lived in the mountains of Okuyoshino. Inside, there are still drove nails and bamboo nails from the Edo period.

Overlooking the mountain village, it is a very scenic place, and it is in the middle of the “Suzukake road” (The Koya-Omine road), so it is also recommended for those who walk Mt.Omine from Mt. Koya. How about spending a relaxing time while enjoying the shining light?

坂屋半治郎の昔の写真 坂屋半治郎の昔の写真 坂屋半治郎の昔の写真